Development manager role

Title: Development Manager or Senior Development Manager

RoleFull time 

Location: Hybrid working, with focus on London and Oxford

Salary: £75,000 - £100,000

We are hiring for a Development Manager or Senior Development Manager who will be particularly focused on our strategic advisory and development management projects.

About Stories

Stories is a socially responsible property development company and a pending B Corp. Stories operates as principal developer, development manager and strategic advisor to projects that have a higher purpose than just financial returns. We have recently secured several new projects in partnership with some amazing organisations in London, Oxford, Cambridge and the South-West and are looking to grow the team accordingly.


Coming from different property backgrounds, we set Stories up in 2018 so we could use our development skills to create positive outcomes for people. We’re a small team – the three co-founders and one Development Manager – and have an Advisory Board comprising some of our industry’s most experienced individuals. Our new projects and pipeline are incredibly exciting and we are looking for a person to come and join us as we grow.


What matters most to us is finding somebody that really cares about people, knows that property development can be a positive force for change and can bring a fresh perspective to what we are trying to achieve. 

You can find out more about us, our partners and some of our projects at


What are we looking for?


We are hiring for a Development Manager or Senior Development Manager, particularly focussed on our strategic advisory and development management projects.


You will need to be well versed in the property development process, bring an open mind to help us do projects differently, and help us build this business. Perhaps through curiosity, sometimes through necessity, you will find yourself expanding your experience substantially.


Some attributes that we think are important:


  1. An engaging person – kind, thoughtful, hard-working, strong integrity and interested in the world.

  2. Aptitude – the ability to creatively problem solve in new situations, big or small.

  3. Entrepreneurial spirit – this doesn’t just mean starting a business, there’s lots of ways to be entrepreneurial – taking an idea and running with it.

  4. Equally comfortable with big visions and detailed numbers – competence in both and a willingness to do it yourself.

  5. Good at communicating – experience of successfully conveying information to a diverse audience, both in writing and in person.

If you can see the opportunity to make positive change in people’s lives through property development, we want to hear from you.



The Role


We are hiring for a Development Manager or Senior Development Manager.


We realise that everyone has their own story, so we’re open minded about how you might shape this role and the experience and skills you will bring to it. Having said that, your role will be focused (in the short term at least) on delivering our current projects, and you will need to demonstrate your ability to do this. There’s nothing to stop this role growing over time as the business grows.


We are not expecting you to have any particular qualifications, but we are looking for someone who has credible experience of the property development process, especially across RIBA Stages 0-3. We are particularly interested in people that have supported the initiation and management of major development projects in a partnership environment. Experience of working with charitable and public landowners would be beneficial.


We are advertising for a full-time role and with this you will benefit from our Friday My Day policy (more info below). That said, we all have different circumstances so we are open to you proposing an alternative arrangement.


We are quite flexible on where you live, as we are not all based in London, but the role will require you to be in London and/or Oxford for a minimum of 2 days per week (sometimes more) and with ad hoc meetings in other locations as needed. When not out and about, we all currently work from home or co-working spaces (and occasionally the sun lounger) and will always take a hybrid approach to work.




This will never be an exhaustive list. We are a small but growing business. Sometimes we are pitching to major landowner institutions, sometimes we’re having important funding meetings, sometimes we’re making the tea. To an extent, you will carve out your own particular role and help us to grow the company together. We hope you find this an exciting prospect.


Recent projects that we have secured include development management for a prestigious university scheme and strategic advisory for some iconic central London sites and you will have the opportunity to lead or deliver against these on a day to day basis.


Some of the things we expect of you:



  • Helping with bidding and securing new projects

  • Providing effective partner and client relationship management

  • Being active in the industry through networking, thought leadership, blogging, etc. to build both your personal and Stories’ brand, market knowledge and relationships


Technical skills

  • Capable of producing and managing Excel development models

  • A good handle on costs and values

  • A good understanding of the planning and development process


Responsibilities specific to Strategic Advisory projects:


Our strategic advisory roles include advising on development models, partnership structuring, project vision work and strategic development reviews. In support of this work your role will include:


  • Supporting the production of strategic visons

  • Preparing business cases and development briefs

  • Designing and brokering partnership and joint venture working arrangements (familiarity with the Green Book would advantageous but not essential)

  • Strategic development review of schemes at various stages RIBA 0-3

  • Managing and writing reports, preparing and delivering presentations


Responsibilities specific to Development Management and Principal Developer projects:


Project execution

  • Responsible for managing projects against agreed business plans and programmes in line with the Stories Work Plan

  • Production of project development briefs, objectives, roles & responsibilities, programme and deliverables

  • Lead planning applications through the planning process (submission, consultation, S106 Agreement) to secure consent within budget and programme

  • Assist with the negotiation of project related contracts to ensure compliance with development brief

  • Produce and maintain project development appraisals and financial models


Lead the team

  • Appoint and manage project professional teams in a way which engenders a positive, trusting and engaged environment

  • Lead project teams through the feasibility, site assembly, planning, development, delivery and hand over process


Stakeholder engagement

  • Leading the community engagement process with support of third party consultants

  • Managing the relationship with our project partners

  • Liaising with relevant parties in relation to negotiation of land and neighbourly matters

  • Produce project reporting updates throughout for various stakeholders


Technical skills

  • Capable of producing and managing Excel development models

  • A good handle on costs and values

  • A good understanding of the planning and development process


Key information


Type of Role: Full time, but open to discussing alternative proposals. Our full-time roles also benefit from our Friday My Day policy (see below), so you can actually balance modern home and work life.


Salary: We are offering a range of £75,000 to £100,000, based on level of experience and your ability to meet the needs of our current projects.


Share pool: Stories is putting in place an Employee Share Pool scheme, ensuring all team members have a stake in the success of the business. More detail will be provided to shortlisted applicants.


Pension: We will make the standard 3% employer contribution to your pension.


Annual Leave: 25 days per year (in addition to Bank Holidays).


Location: London is where we are based, but we currently have projects in London, Oxford and elsewhere regionally, and our pipeline includes projects anywhere within 1.5-2 hours of London or Bristol. The role will require you to be in London and/or Oxford for a minimum of 2 days per week (sometimes more) and with ad hoc meetings in other locations as needed. But again, we’re happy to consider other setups.


Place of work: For the time being we are working flexibly; partly from home, partly in co-working spaces but often out and about attending meetings or based in our partners’ buildings. We will cover the costs of your use of a co-working space.


Parental pay: 12 weeks full pay


IT: Company phone with unlimited data and your choice of tech (within reason!)


Termination: three months’ notice after probation period.


Friday My-day:


We all live the in the real world. Sometimes your projects will need you, sometimes other things do and we want to create the space to let that happen. We trust you to manage your time how you like.


Friday is your day to structure as you wish, noting the expectation that you will make sufficient time available across the week to deliver against your responsibilities and targets. We therefore seek to avoid having any meetings or the expectation of always being contactable on a Friday.


Just as we expect people to muck in outside normal hours, we want to make sure it works fairly the other way. The aim of Friday My Day is to give you the space and quiet time to get on with work. Equally, the day is yours to structure as you see fit so you could choose to go to a matinee, have a late morning swim, or spend some time with family.

Richard wrote a blog about it.


Other benefits: We do not currently offer any other benefits (private health care etc.) but this is something we will be reviewing as we grow.


Equality, Diversity and inclusion


In support of the ongoing success of Stories’ staff, the teams we work with, the industry we work within and the wider communities that we both develop and work with, Stories is committed and accountable for advancing equality, diversity and inclusion in all its forms.  


Stories believes that diversity is critical to maintaining excellence in all of our endeavours and recognises the benefits that diversity can bring to maximise corporate goals. 


Stories embraces all differences including age, gender, ethnicity, physical appearance, physical or mental disabilities, values, lifestyle, religion, sexual orientation and identity, nationality, education and family responsibilities.  


Our ED&I policy can be read here.



Application process


Please submit your CV and a one-page covering letter to


Closing date for submissions is midday, 31st May 2022


We will be in touch with shortlisted applicants within 2 weeks of the submission deadline.  


Your application will be treated as private and confidential and your data will not be shared with anyone outside of Stories.