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Development manager (design) role

Title: Development Manager 

RoleFull time 

Location: London, minimum 3 days in the office.

Salary: £50,000 - £75,000 p.a.

Application deadline: midday, Friday 24th March 2023

We are hiring for a Development Manager who brings an aptitude for and experience of design, but who is also technically competent when it comes to the broader aspects of property development. The role will involve working on iconic, central London placemaking projects, working directly with co-founder James.

About Stories

Stories is a socially responsible property development company and a certified B Corp. Stories operates as principal developer, development manager and strategic advisor on projects that have a higher purpose than just financial returns. We have recently secured several new projects in partnership with great organisations in London, Oxford, and the South-West as well as a very exciting joint venture with a major financial institution that we will be launching in the spring. We are therefore excited to be growing the team.

Coming from different property backgrounds, we set up Stories in 2018 so we could use our development skills to create positive outcomes for people. We’re a small team – the three Co-founders and three Senior Development Managers – and have an Advisory Board comprising some of our industry’s most experienced individuals. Our new projects and pipeline are incredibly exciting and we are looking for a person to come and join us as we grow.

Our projects create property and places for a diverse array of people, therefore we believe it is important to have a diverse team at the decision table to ensure successful development outcomes for all. That is why alongside our projects, our business is committed to improving access and widening participation in our industry and, alongside our day jobs, we have made a long term commitment to this cause.

What matters most to us is finding somebody that really cares about people, knows that property development can be a positive force for change and can bring a fresh perspective to what we are trying to achieve.


You can find out more about us, our partners and some of our projects at


What are we looking for?

We are hiring for a Development Manager who brings an aptitude for, and experience of design, but who is also technically competent when it comes to the broader aspects of property development. So for example, this could mean you trained as an architect but wish to move into a client side developer role. Alternatively, you may moonlight as a graphic designer, but your day job is in development. It’s up to you to show us how you fit this role.


The reason we are looking for this kind of person is that we want somebody that is technically very good and can deliver development projects; but also brings a design-eye and creative influence to the team.


Initially, the role will be focused on our projects with The Crown Estate, where we are retained to provide strategic development consultancy on major placemaking projects in Central London. We would also like you to get involved on wider business activities, such as branding and marketing, financial modelling and corporate strategy (so you need to be a bit of a generalist!). The nature and diversity of our work means that the role will evolve over time, with the opportunity to lead on your own projects and carve out your role within the business.


Regardless of your professional background, you will need to be well versed in the property development process, bring an open mind to help us do projects differently and help us build this business. Perhaps through curiosity, sometimes through necessity, you will find yourself expanding your experience substantially.


Some attributes that we think are important:

  • An engaging person – kind, thoughtful, hard-working, strong integrity and interested in the world.

  • Problem solving aptitude – the ability to creatively problem solve in new situations, big or small.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit – this doesn’t just mean starting a business, there’s lots of ways to be entrepreneurial – taking an idea and running with it.

  • Equally comfortable with big visions and detailed numbers – competence in both and a willingness to do it yourself.

  • Good at communicating – experience of successfully conveying information to a diverse audience, both in writing and in person.

  • A good collaborator – as well as working individually, possessing a good team work ethic is important internally and externally.


If you can see the opportunity to make positive change in people’s lives through property development, we want to hear from you.

The Role


We are hiring for a Development Manager and looking for somebody that has both design and technical development skills.


We realise that everyone has their own story, so we’re open minded about how you might shape this role and the specific experience and skills you will bring to it. Having said that, your role will be focused (in the short term at least) on delivering our current projects, and you will need to demonstrate your ability to do this.


We are not expecting you to have any particular qualifications, but we are looking for someone who has:

  • credible technical experience and skills in the property development process, especially across RIBA Stages 0-3; and

  • design skills, style and a creative mind.


We are particularly interested in people that have experience and successfully delivered projects in placemaking, meanwhile or development.


We are advertising for a full-time role, based in London. We are quite flexible on where you live, as we are not all based in London, but the role will require you to be in London for a minimum of 3 days per week (sometimes more) and with ad hoc meetings in other locations as needed. Our office is on Tottenham Court Road and we will be maintaining a hybrid approach to work. Generally, we are in the office at least 3 days a week.



This will never be an exhaustive list. We are a small but growing business. Sometimes we are pitching to major landowner institutions, sometimes we’re making the tea. To an extent, you will carve out your own particular role and help us to grow the company together. We hope you find this an exciting prospect.


Your initial responsibilities will be to work closely with James on the delivery of strategic advisory and development management projects in central London.


Core Project responsibilities


Currently, our role is working as a partner to develop strategy and to deliver very high profile placemaking projects. To do so effectively will require:


  • Stakeholder and partner management, with a focus on developing strong working relationships and good understanding of their needs and requirements.

  • Creating project briefs, business cases, proposals and project programmes that are clear, well drafted and beautifully executed.

  • Developing vision and objectives for every project and keeping internal and external teams on track to achieve these.

  • Demonstrate excellent project management skills internally and externally to deliver projects successfully.

  • Use your creative expertise to drive innovation on every project, look for opportunities to create interest and unique features without compromising on efficiency.

  • Identify and appoint the right creative and delivery partners to work with for a particular project, actively manage the relationship to make sure goals and objectives are met.

  • Drive the placemaking agenda, ensuring that user experience is front of mind.

  • Run strategic development review of schemes at various stages RIBA 0-3.

  • Own development appraisals (in Excel) for the projects and actively manage value creation.

  • Competency with CAD and other design software is not required but would be a positive.


Additional responsibilities


There are plenty of other things you may get involved with, some linked to development projects, some in support of the business and as suited to your skills and interests. These could include:


  • Leading project teams through the feasibility, site assembly, planning, development, delivery and handover process.

  • Helping with bidding and securing new projects.

  • Being active in the industry through networking, thought leadership, etc. to build both your personal and Stories’ brand, knowledge and relationships.

  • Supporting with business strategy and modelling.

  • Designing templates, websites, writing copy.

  • Leading marketing and branding initiatives.


General skills required


​In this role, the following skills are expected of you 

  • Problem solving

  • Ability to produce high quality, well-designed material

  • Capable of producing and managing Excel development models

  • A good handle on costs and values

  • A good understanding of the planning and development process

  • Competency with CAD or other design software, which could include MS Powerpoint and Word.



Equality, Diversity and inclusion


In support of the ongoing success of Stories’ staff, the teams we work with, the industry we work within and the wider communities that we both develop and work with, Stories is committed and accountable for advancing equality, diversity and inclusion in all its forms.  


Stories believes that diversity is critical to maintaining excellence in all our endeavours and recognises the benefits that diversity can bring to maximise corporate goals. 


Our ED&I policy can be read here





Type of Role: Full time, but open to discussing alternative proposals (especially if you are returning to the work place, for example).


Salary: We are offering a basic full time salary in the range of £50,000 to £75,000, based on level of experience and your ability to meet the needs of our current projects.


Share pool and discretionary bonus: Stories is putting in place an incentive structure that ensures all team members have a stake in the success of the business. More detail will be provided to shortlisted applicants.


Pension: We will make the standard 3% employer contribution to your pension.


Annual Leave: 25 days per year (in addition to Bank Holidays).


Location: London is where we are based, but we currently have projects in London, Oxford and elsewhere regionally, and our pipeline includes projects anywhere within 1.5-2 hours of London or Bristol. The role will require you to be in London for a minimum of 2 days per week (sometimes more) and with ad hoc meetings in other locations as needed. But again, we’re happy to consider other setups.


Place of work: Stories’ office is presently on Tottenham Court Road, London and will remain in Central London for the foreseeable future. You will be based here, splitting your time between the office, working from home and out and about meeting people, as required.


Parental pay: 12 weeks full pay.


IT: Your choice of company phone and laptop (within reason)


Termination: Three months’ notice after probation period.


Friday My-day:


We all live the in the real world. Sometimes your projects will need you, sometimes other things do and we want to create the space to let that happen. We trust you to manage your time effectively.


Friday is your day to structure as you wish, noting the expectation that you will make sufficient time available across the week to deliver against your responsibilities and targets. We therefore seek to avoid having any meetings or the expectation of always being contactable on a Friday.


Just as we expect people to muck in outside normal hours, we want to make sure it works fairly the other way. The aim of Friday My Day is to give you the space and quiet time to get on with work. Equally, the day is yours to structure as you see fit so you could choose to go to a matinee, have a late morning swim, or spend some time with family.


Other benefits: We do not currently offer any other benefits (private health care etc.) but this is something we will be reviewing as we grow.



Application process


Please submit your CV and a covering letter and any supporting portfolio work (links are acceptable) to


Closing date for submissions is midday, Friday 24th March 2023 but we encourage you to apply as soon as you are ready.


We will be in touch with shortlisted applicants within 2 weeks of the submission deadline.  


Your application will be treated as private and confidential and your data will not be shared with anyone outside of Stories.

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