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Formally or informally, projects rely on good partnerships. To Stories, good partnerships are defined by structures and processes that put ‘outcomes’ first and demonstrate flexibility for both sides. Trust, alignment and communication are key to their success.

Each of our projects is a partnership in some form, however, we also establish strategic partnerships that help us secure and deliver these projects. Whether you want to call them Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Joint Ventures (JV) or some other helpful acronym, we think that good projects share some common themes. Good partnerships have a clear purpose, a focus on the outcomes and are structured in a way that promotes good behaviours.

We clearly pursue a purpose.

We harness the power of a partnership to achieve a defined outcome, ahead of simply making a financial return.

We are expressly focused on people

Our purpose is to improve peoples' lives through the built environment. Our partnerships never lose sight of the people they are there for.

We batten down the process

Our partnerships are designed to enable long term collaboration and decision making, bringing clarity as to who is doing what, why and at what risk.  

Find out more about our current partnerships below.

Aviva Capital Partners

Funding and delivery

Our partnership with Aviva Capital Partners has been created to deliver purposeful property development projects.

It offers a fully integrated funding and delivery model designed to create better outcomes and greater value for landowners and their communities. Our partnership is funder and developer for the full lifecycle of a development project and is mostly focused on institutional, public and private sector partners.

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust


Stories and Aviva Capital Partners are working with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to develop a portfolio of purpose-built key worker housing in London.

The need for affordable homes for key workers is well understood in London. Working with Aviva and Guy’s we are looking to provide a range of typologies and price points for NHS key workers.

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