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Sandra Wigg

Operations and Marketing


Sandra is Operations Manager at Stories and that includes being the office plant parent. 


Hi, I'm

My foray into the world of property began at Argent in 1995, where I was Marketing Executive for a very enjoyable seven years. At that time they were a team of 21 people and had office developments in the City of London and the Thames Valley, and mixed-use projects in Birmingham and Manchester. In the run-up to the boom it was an ‘interesting’ time to be involved (although unsustainable). Argent’s office developments in the Thames Valley (aka Silicon Valley) were flying off the shelves. In most cases, pre-let before the ink was dry on the brochures. 


I left them on a high, at the point where they’d won the King’s Cross redevelopment bid (the bid document being my last piece of significant design work for them) and where the years-long consultation period began.


The next period of life saw somewhat of a swing in work-life balance as I started working part-time with the Husband supporting him co-running a sales coaching consultancy. Still involved with the marketing of the business and design of collateral but also responsible for the operations side of things. A slower pace of life but not without the occasional demanding deadline. 


This freed up time to get involved with various volunteer roles – Community Pantry, Meals on Wheels, Treasurer to the British Ski Club for the Disabled, driving elderly folk to their social clubs - improve fitness, re-connect with friends and indulge a passion for food and cooking plus accompany on the occasional ‘company wife’ trip abroad.


When the Husband decided to have a change of role and put what he’d been coaching into practice in a sales role for one of his clients we closed the business and I made myself redundant. I dusted off the CV and was on the lookout for a new role. 


Because of knowing Richard from Argent days I’d been following the Stories story and keeping abreast of their development. My interest was piqued further when they announced their B Corp status. I reached out to Richard speculatively, asking if Stories had any thoughts about engaging part-time support on the marketing or operations side. The next day he replied. It just so happened they had been thinking about that! 


It’s great to be back in the property sphere. I’ve always been inspired by the transformation of turning rotten, unloved spaces into vibrant, energetic places that can be enjoyed by everyone.


My overriding job search criteria was to work with good people, doing good things. Here I am, at Stories. Fantastic.

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