The story of Stories.



Because we believe we have a collective responsibility to leave the world in a better place than we found it and improve people’s lives in the process.


We believe property development enables people and communities to flourish, if it's done properly.


In order to do so, it must go deeper. It must recognise the value of all stakeholders, not just shareholders and understand that short-sighted pursuit of returns is self defeating.


So what does Stories do?


Stories is a socially responsible property developer committed to creating long term sustainable value.


We are focused on mixed use developments across the UK that maximise economic, social and environmental impact for all stakeholders. We care about legacy and remain strategically involved for the long term.


And how do we do it?


By using empathy and transparency to build successful partnerships.


We then apply our Impact Model, which leverages our founding team and partners’ extensive track record to deliver the right outcome for the right place. It combines deep, measured engagement with all stakeholders to develop a needs-based strategy that informs thoughtful, human-led design.


Through B Corp certification, we hold ourselves accountable to the principle that doing good is good business.