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A good project is a platform to collaborate with others, but there's a Stories team to help make that happen. We also have a pretty great Advisory Board imparting their wisdom and keeping us in check.


Just as we like to approach our developments a little differently, we're approaching "HR" a little differently. Read about Oli working from anywhere (before it was cool) and the Stories take on the 4 day week - "Friday is My Day".

Click on our faces to find out more. And if you want to get in touch, please do, the team is growing!


Richard Meier

Founder and CEO

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Oli Bennett

Development Manager

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Jon Milward

Advisory Board

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James Scott

Founder and COO

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Geeta Nanda

Advisory Board

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Tony Giddings

Advisory Board 

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Paul Clark

Founder and CIO

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Lisa Scenna

Advisory Board 

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