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Key Team

Heatherwick Studio


Masterplan, Commercial, Partnerships, Public Realm

Greater Broad Marsh Opportunity Area, Nottingham

A once in a generation opportunity to reimagine Nottingham’s city centre, Stories advised Nottingham City Council on the optimal delivery model and vision for redevelopment of the Broadmarsh shopping centre and wider opportunity area, working alongside Heatherwick Studio.

Stories supported the city council with the development of a vision and delivery strategy for the Broad Marsh Opportunity Area after the owners of the Broad Marsh shopping centre, Intu, went in to administration and the site fell back in to council ownership. The scale and significance of the site represents a chance to completely transform the centre of Nottingham.

We developed a strategy that recommended adopting an impact-led, rather than economic-led, approach to development, such that the city would be able to provide increased opportunities for people, a high-quality public realm and a project worthy of the international reputation of Nottingham. This impact-led process involves recognising the wider social, environmental and economic benefits of development and not just a focus on short term land value. This approach has the potential to:

  • Align with the city’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2028

  • Create new green public spaces

  • Support the city’s…

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