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Hounslow, London





Key Team

LB Hounslow


Masterplan, Town Centre, Mixed-use

Feltham Town Centre, Hounslow

Working with LB Hounslow to produce an aspirational, commercially-grounded delivery plan for the community assets within the town centre, supported by extensive stakeholder engagement and consultation. The delivery plan will enable decisions to be made on town centre development.


Feltham’s history is perhaps best summarised as one of distinguished industry and production.


Market gardening was the main economic activity of the town in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  One of the most successful market gardeners of all time, A. W. Smith, (also known as ‘the Cabbage King’) lived in Feltham 1860s-1920s. He owned a ‘glass city’ of greenhouses along Feltham’s high street for growing fruit and vegetables for market sale. A popular variety of pea known as the Feltham First is so named for being first grown in the town.

Following the opening of the Waterloo to Reading Railway line in 1848, the market gardens were largely replaced with light industry, gravel and aggregate extraction, and new housing.  


Aircraft manufacture also became an important industry, particularly in the war years. In 1915 Whitehead Aircraft built a large factory for the production of fighter aircraft to the…

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