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Frome, Somerset




Outline Planning

Key Team

Andrew Kirby Architects, PRD


Masterplan, Mixed-use, Town Centre, Community-led

Mayday Saxonvale, Frome

Stories is the development partner to Mayday Saxonvale, a community-led, not for profit group seeking to redevelop 10 acres of brownfield town centre land in Frome, Somerset.

Community-led development

This project is a a joint venture with a community-led group. This scheme has led to a great deal of interest in the capacity for the private and not-for-profit sectors to collaborate for effective outcomes. The development would see all surplus development profit flow directly back in to the local community.

The scheme and approach to delivery and funding is expressly directed at creating long term social and economic value for, and by, the people of Frome. The scheme includes 40% affordable housing, new workspace, a lido and spa, and land for a new school.

An outline planning application has been approved and negotiations with Somerset Council are ongoing.

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