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2019 Indices of deprivation

At Stories, we are spending a lot of time at the moment working with various partners who share our ambition for property development to be done in a way that is focused on improving the lives of people. In many cases the conversations involve discussions about local deprivation, how do you create robust baselines and what might a theory of local change look like for that community. Until yesterday we were working with somewhat dated information (from 2015) so its great to see a raft of new data released - and with some fancy new mapping formats

Do drop us a line if you're also using these kind of data sets to inform your thinking. We host regular Social Impact round-tables at our office - always interested to hear new voices at the table.

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Paul Clark
Paul Clark
27 sept 2019

And that's why I love the internet - thanks so much to Chris Paddock for pointing us at this website -

Me gusta
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