We create places that inspire stories.

We believe that people and communities flourish in better built environments.

We aim to realise this vision by creating and shaping meaningful places that put people and their lives at the heart of the process.

We are socially responsible property developers.

We use our experience to bring forward brilliant developments that leave strong social, economic and environmental legacies. We care deeply about positively transforming the way our world is built.

We believe in a better development model.


Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is embedded into the DNA of the business and influences everything we do. We’re entirely ethos driven; it’s what we each get out of bed for. We proactively seek ways to live our values, such as registering as a B-Corp and in development of our platform for social impact and community participation and our ambition towards net zero development.

Climate strike, 2019


Granary Square, Kings Cross


Create a platform for ideas


Our goal is to become the development partner of choice for those who share in our mission. We want our reputation and track record to precede us as credible, reliable partners who have deep empathy and understanding for the challenges our customers face. Development is not the outcome of individuals, it is the product of stakeholders working together.


We pride ourselves on our integrity and openly collaborate with a ‘transparency first’ approach to development. We are, for example, one of the few developers who plan to publish our development appraisals. We believe equitable outcomes originate when all parties are open and fair with one another, so we seek innovations to achieve this.

Delivered properly.

Engage to

Establishing needs-based strategies through engagement with all stakeholders. Achieved using the right tools for the right audience.

Human Centred Design

Thoughtful design that puts people first, responding to challenges of multigenerational living and health and wellbeing.


Processes enabled by best in class technology tools and a coordinated approach to BIM.

Modern Methods of Construction

The staged deployment of innovative, platform-based assembly involving local training & manufacturing, in partnership with industry respected leaders.

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